Through diagnosis of learning style and needs, I make learning fun while helping clients learn.  After years of teaching K through college, I feel confident that I can help my clients know and use their strengths to navigate  through their weaknesses to become successful lifelong learners.

Why learn only through repetition.  There is a better, more permanent way to increase knowledge acquisition.  I’ll show you how!

During the initial stages of tutoring, I learn how my students communicate, understand what causes difficulty during learning and interacting with others, so that I can devise individual learning strategies for successful  to Through counseling and tutoring I can help my clients have renewed confidence by steadily achieving success in learning.


I also work as your advocate within school systems.  If it’s necessary to test your child in order to uncover unknown deficits or strengths,  I will come with you and advise you on tests that would be useful, and help interpret the results.  I am also happy to visit school personnel to discuss their perspective of your child’s learning history.  Collaborating with a student’s teachers is a positive step towards increasing a learners success.