“Aleza really spends time getting to know your children, and their learning styles. She truly cares about her clients and is determined to find a way to inspire life-long learning!”  – Kim E.    

“Hi! I’m going to be doing a report which will explain some of my personal growths. I think I have grown a lot this year, and here are a few of the more important ways.

First of all I believe I have improved with friends.  I used to have many problems with friends.  I also have two friends who are going through hard times and I am trying to help them through it.

Another thing I think I have improved on is responsibility with homework. I have few missing assignments and get pretty good grades. Last year homework didn’t really matter but now is very important.  I also ran for the job of Historian and made it.  That was a lot of responsibility also.

My final thing that I believe is important which I have improved on is self-confidence.  I used to put myself down all of the time and never wanted to try anything for fear of ruining it. I visited a psychologist for two months which improved my thoughts about myself very little.  Then, when My G.T. class started it was Ms. Tuohy to the rescue again! She helped me with my feelings and now I’m not afraid to do much.” Keith A. age 10

“Aleza is a truly dedicated professional.  She treats her students with great respect, dignity, and empathy: her high expectations produce high quality results.  How very fortunate are the children whose lives she touches!”  Jane M. Teacher/Cherry Creek Schools

“Aleza truly cares about children, all children.  She’s at a point in her life where she knows who she is and is really beginning to like that person.  You see, I believe Aleza is a gifted, talented, creative person.  What better person to teach creative children than someone who truly understands them.” Mickey M/Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

“In identifying the talent pool at this school in the fall, Aleza demonstrated how quickly she can grasp a concept and implement it with children. In this way, she could provide more appropriate education for these students as she matched abilities with curriculum.”Shirley W. Ed.D./Specialist, Gifted and Talented Education

Aleza has helped our entire family to communicate more effectively, and sensitively, while keeping our daughter’s best interests at heart.  She’s also helped us understand how differently our daughter learns, compared to our own learning styles. Phoebe and Keith S.