Gain confidence in life and learning by understanding who you are, and valuing it!

I counsel children and their families around learning issues that can cause behavioral and emotional problems with everyone.  Learning techniques used are then more specific and impactful.

Often times being different, whether in one’s learning style, speech, appearance, or background, can set one up to feel less valued.  Feeling less valued impacts learning on a very deep level. Through counseling I help my students see that their difference is positive and knowing how they learn empowers them for a lifetime.

Through unconditional, positive regard for self and others, I facilitate the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills:  How to positively interact with others
  • Intrapersonal skills:  Learn about yourself and your needs/differences
  • Intrinsic motivation: Wake up your internal drive to pursue your goals
  • Collaboration: Use your strengths and connect to other peoples’ strengths to achieve a common goal.
  • Brainstorming:  Creation and expansion of ideas
  • Critical Problem Solving: Learn how to objectively analyze and evaluate large amounts of information, in order to use parts for individual or group product formation.
  • Evaluation: This is every artists tool! Judge a product.  Make your products better.
  • Presentation skills:  Through dance, music, art, speech, etc., to share information with a group